Welcome to Chiyoda Integre of America, Inc.


SOFT PRESS is our core technology that precisely process soft materials such as plastic film, polyurethane foam, double sided adhesive tape and any other soft composite materials. This technology has begin diversified and evolved by our policy responding to customers’ needs, and it is so versatile that it is just being applied not only in office automation equipments, audiovisual products, communications equipments, household electrical appliances, cars, game consoles, but also in semiconductor, medical devices, architectural materials, and agricultural materials.


Our “SOFT PRES” business is not just about offering the-state-or-art press-processed products. Taking “Quality”, “Cost”, “Speed”, and “Environmental Responsibility” into account, we offer full-scale services through providing our customers with best solutions on:

1.     Material Choice.
2.     Processing Method.
3.     Design.

In terms of the processing and inspection, we constantly strive for further precision, automation, and production yield.